Anonymous sent: Hi! I'm the anon that requested the pregnant scenario :P I got a good laugh from the few of them so i just want to say it was a great scenario! :) thanks!

aww you are welcome!

so glad you enjoyed ^^

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Anonymous sent: Aww your recent scenario was so adorable!!! I loved it! Are you still taking on requests? I'd love to read more on this as a follow up to when you're going through the pregnancy and maybe giving birth?

thank you <3 yup my request box is always open :3

sure thing~. but please note that i will take A LOT of time to write/post it :( thanks for the request tho!

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When he finds out you are pregnant

requested by anon




 You and Jaejoong were spending a quiet night together in your sweet home, drinking a wine. However, you kindly declined the offer, so technically it was only Jaejoong who was holding a wine glass. He was a bit tipsy.

 “I love you __ah~. I love you the most in the world!” he was rolling on the floor while he was making a great confession.

 “Thanks Jae, I love you too. But unfortunately…you are not my number one,” you said. Jaejoong got up right away hearing your words.

 “What? Do you mean you like someone else?” you could notice jealousy on Jaejoong’s face.



 “Do you wanna know?”


 “Do you really wanna know?” you teased him.

 “Y…yes?” he replied with an unsure tone. You gently tapped your stomach twice, and grinned.

 “Your…stomach? You like eating more than me?” you expected a surprised face, but you instead were surprised by his pointless answer.

 “Pabo. No.”

 “Then…who?” Jaejoong’s eyes were wavering, his hand at his mouth. He was thinking hard. His eyes opened wide, and stared at you. he looked confused.

 “You…didn’t drink alcohol today, while you are usually the first one to open up a bottle.”

 “No I didn’t,” you said, and grinned again.

 “The one you love the most…is it, our, child?” you heard him stutter and you laughed.

 “Yes,” you replied shortly, and the next moment you knew, you were in his arms.

 “Oh my God __ah. I can’t believe it. I think I’m the happiest person at this moment!”



 Yunho had his career. And you knew what you were carrying, and just who you are might be his great obstacle in the future. One would normally be happy in this situation, and to be honest you were, however it was also true that the worry overcame the happiness.

 When you were sitting alone in a dark living room, you heard the noise from the entrance. Yunho has come back from work.

 “Jagi? You were here? Why are you sitting in the dark?” he asked as he turned the light on. You had to tell him. Keeping quiet from him is not a right choice. You stood up, and looked at him.

 “Yunho,” you tried as much to hide your voice shaking. “I have to tell you something.”

 “Hm?” Yunho seemed to sense something unusual, and looked uneasy.

 “I…I’m pregnant,” you fell on the sofa as you said. Your knees could no more stand your weight. You were afraid. You were afraid that he might be unhappy about this. You were afraid that the relationship might turn out negatively after telling him the truth.

 Yunho walked right in front of you. He knelt down and held your hand, and looked up, trying to meet your eyes.

 “__ah, you know how much I love children. You know how I love my family and wished if I could have one,” his voice was so gentle. You felt your tears rising to the brim of your eyes.

 “And you gave me an opportunity to become a father, of your child.


 Thank you, __ah.”

 You could not help the tears run down your cheeks. He easily took away your fear with those simple words. He wrapped his arms around you. you hugged him back tighter than ever. That was enough to know that he would never leave you.




 You felt a bit sick, so you headed to a hospital with your husband, Yoochun. You did have an idea of what this sickness was caused by, nevertheless it surprised you when it came out of a doctor’s mouth.

 “Congratulations. You are pregnant.”

 Before you could utter a word, Yoochun screamed out of joy.

 “Really? Doctor, really? Oh God, thank you!” he was literary jumping up and down.

 “Yoochun, hey, we’re still in the hospital,” you chided him with a low tone.

 “Is it a boy or a girl? Oh, we still aren’t able to know are we? What should I name him…oh oh, if he was a her, I’d name her Minnie! How does it sound Jagi?”

 You blinked at his face. You were startled at his excitement.

 “Micky and Minnie! Meant to be together~. And imagine her saying ‘I’m gonna marry appa when I grow up’! Oh god, I think I’ll cry tears of joy.”


 “if that is the way it rolls, we have to go buy her clothes! And toys, and everything cute!”

 “The baby isn’t born yet! Why are you so much in a hurry?”


 “No buts!”

  So the argument went on and on…and in no time you two were chased out of the hospital.



 “Jagi, are you hungry? Should I get you something?”

 “A glass of water? I’ll go get it for you!”

 “Wash room? Here hold on to my shoulder.”

 Since Junsu found out that you were pregnant he was busy going from left to right.

 “Junsu-yah…I’m not sick you know. I’m capable of doing my stuff even though I’m pregnant,” you sighed.

 “B-but…I just can’t relax. I don’t know why but I’m tensed,” Junsu lowered his eyebrows loking like a lost puppy.

“How are you gonna manage being so occupied while the baby will take a good ten month to come out?” you teased.

“Jagi~~~,” Junsu cried in a weak voice.

“There, there. Your wife is a strong woman. I thought you liked me for that, hm?”

“…Yes I do,” said he and he hugged you tightly. You patted his back to show there was nothing to worry about.



  “I’m pregnant,” you said.

 Changmin, your husband, looked troubled with your words. His eyebrows frowning, his lips tightened.

 “What’s with the face of yours?” your voice shook. It was from rage and fear. You were married. But what if he did not want the child now?

 “I bet you are thinking something weird, but that’s not it,” he moved closer and places his palm on your cheek. “I – I just –,”

 “Just what?”

 “I just am worried that the child…might not…like me.”

 You were stunned at his words but soon you burst in laughter.

 “It’s not funny. You know how bad I am with children, and I seriously didn’t mind that until now. But I don’t want my own child to hate me…”

 He sounded so weak you almost doubted if this was really THE Max Changmin who is talking.

 “Hmm. Do you want to know the secret to be loved by a child?” you asked him teasingly.

 “Yes please,” you laughed at how desperate he was.

 “Is to love him.” Changmin blinked a couple of times at your words. “And with that aspect, I think you are fine, appa,” you smiled.

 If he could care about his unborn child – then nothing can go wrong.


idk if I got the semi-comedy part anon was requesting, but anywho I hope you enjoyed ^^

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Anonymous sent: Hi! I was the anon whi requested for Crazy Love. Asdfhjkl I I love it you did on Jae's pov ;-; and man Jae's love just reflected my own. Its hurt to fall for your own cousin

aww you’re welcome! I was worried but I’m glad you liked it ^^

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Crazy Love (Yunho)


lyric-based scenario requested by anon.

link to the lyrics: Crazy Love


 If my aunt did not remarry, if my aunt did not have a divorce, if my aunt –.

 These are just useless thoughts. I know that. But I can’t help to just think.


 It was the day for her ballet performance. It was something important, and she was more tense than usual, so I promised to go see her. As soon as my work ended, I changed and packed my things. There was no way I could be late for her show.

 “Hyung, where are you going in such a hurry?” Junsu asked.

 “Oh…um, there’s this thing I have to attend to. Personal thing,” I purposely did not mention because I knew they would not welcome the idea.

 “To her performance? I heard it from your sister,” Jaejoong said in a sullen voice.

 “Hyung you did not give up on her yet?” Changmin’s voice, accusingly.

 I knew this would happen. The members were never accepting that I liked her. They told me to stop it and forget it all the time, because it was wrong –.

 “She is your cousin, hyung,” Changmin’s voice was like a sound of pin that fell on the floor of a huge silent room. It echoed. The woman I loved was my cousin. However we were not blood-related because she was a daughter of the man who my aunt remarried.

 “I know that,” I replied.

 “Do you really?” it was Yoochun. “We members won’t judge you hyung. Because we know you and we love you. But the society will. You cannot get married. Where is the happy ending?”

 I knew that. I thought about it over and over. I was not even sure why I was acting this way. I always abide by the law. I always want my family to be happy. I could restrain myself if I thought of these things, at any time. But from her, I cannot withdraw myself. Or perhaps I do not want to. So I reply the same way as I do, every time they tell me this.

 “Thank you for caring. But I still love her.” I barely smiled and left the room, hearing their calling at my back.


 “You looked beautiful.”

 “Oppa…thank you,” you blushed.

 I was able to make it in time, and see you move elegantly on stage. That was the most beautiful thing I have seen. You were.

 “__ah,” I called, “I love you.”

 You looked like you were about to cry after hearing my confession. I have told you this several times already. And every time I did, you would make the same face. And you will reply with the same words.

 “But we are cousins…” your voice, trembling. “This is not right.” You avert your eyes away from me.

 “I don’t want to know what is wrong or right. I want to know your true feelings.”

 I held her hand tightly. You looked at me with your teary eyes.

 Do not let what others say affect you. Even though people call me crazy, you are my number one. My heart beats for you.

 Won’t you accept my feelings – ?


this is the limit of my ability OTL

since it was love that wasn’t welcomed by everyone, I thought for a while and finally landed to the cousin situation…

lol, love that was opposed by everyone was surely challenging. (esp when it is Yunho) anywho, I hope you enjoyed ^^

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Anonymous sent: Singing lessons from Changmin please!

sure! i might take time but please understand ne? :D

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Anonymous sent: A scenario of Yoochun and his baby girl (months old)!

aww that’s cute :3 sure I will~

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Anonymous sent: I'd like to ask for a scene where you spoil Changmin and cater to him romantically for a night :)

spoil him with food? lol okay :3

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Anonymous sent: Can you make a scenario of waking up with them?

I’ve written that one already~ here^^

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Anonymous sent: When he finds out you're pregnant? Can you make it semi-comedy? lol

semi-comedy sounds challenging but interesting! I will try my best~

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